The weather, tennis and the food was excellent. Everyone enjoyed a great afternoon of good tennis in a friendly atmosphere.
Our sincere thanks goes to all who played in the tournament, those who prepared the courts, who organised the games and kept the scores, who prepared and served food and those who purchased the prizes.
Without the help and support of so many people, this event would not happen, so a big thanks to you all.

Group 1. Winners: Kristian Redmond & Sergiy Ksenych and also winners of the cup itself.
Runner Up: John Goff & Colin Braithwaite.

Group 2. Winners: Maura O’ Loughlin & Adrian Delaney.
Runner Up: Maureen McCauley & Jonas Butkus.

Group 3. Winners: Anita Gordon & Brian Delaney.
Runner up: Anita Beaumount & Martin Farrell.


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